4 Most Popular Types of Custom Doors, 2014

The door industry is constantly growing at a rapid pace. Every next day, new designs, styles, frames and types are hitting the market. You can find from simple to luxury doors, small to large sized doors depending on your need. Ranging from wood interior doors, screen doors, front entry doors to modern and trendy wood interior doorways, there is almost everything in home furniture.

 1-Wood Exterior Doors-As the very name suggest, they are installed to beautify home exteriors. They not just strengthen home security, but also give it a custom look and feel. You can find them in a range of sizes, shapes, designs, styles, colors, frames and prices. Choose right one for you.

 2- Interior Doors-These can also be found in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs. They are essential if you are looking for enhance the interior décor of your home. These sorts of doors come with robust locking systems and thus improve home security as well.

 3- Doors -These are insfeature_porch-panelstalled in front of your home’s exterior access door. They offer a number of advantages, including letting light and air into your home, while keeping bugs and the noise out. But before you buy a screen door, consider size, design, frame & locking system as well.

 4- Front Entry Doors– These are some of the most popular types of doors used to enhance the front of homes today. Also known as, entrance doors, they are available in different sizes, shapes, sizes and materials. You can choose any type, according to your home décor needs and budget.

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Front Entry Doors- What Materials They are Made of?

Today, almost all of us like making an elegant entrance to create good first impression on our guests or visitors. A well-designed exterior door is an inviting and aesthetically pleasing furniture piece to match your home’s exterior. It is also meant to protect you, while you are indoors. However, it needs to be made with quality materials to be functional, durable &weather resistant.

What material should you consider for front entry doors/exterior doors?

Your choice in your front door’s material will not only say about its style but also its durability and strength. Modern exterior doors can be made from different materials wood, fiberglass and steel, but the most common are the wood exterior doors. Here, we have a look at door materials.

Wood-Sturdy and durable, wood doors are constructed with a frame and panel to withstand different weather conditions. They are highly functional, durable, water proof and fire retardant. You can avheadline_entranceail them in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, designs, styles and prices these days.

Fiberglass-Long-lasting and practical, fiberglass doors are more durable than wood. They are energy efficient and resist dents, cracks, rot, rust and warping. Available in a variety of finishes and designs, this kind of doors can be easily stained or painted to complement your exteriors.

Steel-Stronger than wood and fiberglass doors, they are more durable, weather resistant and energy efficient. They don’t shrink, swell or warp, while requiring minimal maintenance. Steel doors can be painted or finished with a coating that looks like real wood to suit your needs.

Growing Demand for Stylish Interior Doors

Looking to enhance your home interiors this new year? Many of you might have the resolution of revamping the look and feel of your house. And even some of you might be planning to build a new home. Whatever the case, getting wood interior doowood interior doorsrs would be a great idea. They are beautifully crafted, keeping the modern home décor requirements and budgets in mind.

 Wood interior doors are a great addition and value to a space- commercial or residential. You can avail in them in many attractive designs, shapes, styles, materials and finishes. You can choose from various colours and materials that suit your home décor needs. There are both custom interior wooden doors and pre-finished furniture pieces available at different price tags on market.

 The wood interior doors and windows are energy-efficient and can save lots of money on your monthly energy bills. Not just stylish addition to your space, these sorts of furniture pieces also add to the security of your home, preventing burglars and intruders from entering your house. They look great in design and style, speaking volumes about your style, status and personality. To know more or buy quality and durable doors, visit www.vintagedoors.com for the details.

Screen Doors- Latest Trend in Furniture Industry

These days, screen doors have become a fad. Whether building a new home or renovating an office, most people like to have screen doors, as they add much value to your space. They are stylish pieces and can add to the beauty and look of a building. Not only this, they are also considered as the robust means of security to avoid burglary, intrusion and severe weather.

Screen doorsDoors can be custom made according to your needs and budget. Custom doors are high in demand today, because they are skillfully customized according to the overall look and design of a space. Made with glass and wood, they allow direct sunlight into your home. They are an ideal option, if you need direct sunlight and warmth to avoid cold and shivering in winter days.

Screen doors custom made with solid wood are also useful for avoiding heat, rain and storm in summer. They are energy efficient and environment friendly pieces demanded everywhere in the world today. Their unique design and great look makes them much popular in the current market. If you are looking for the beautiful and sturdy doors, visit vintagedoors.com for custom doors.

Screen Doors-Why People Invest in These Doors?

There is a huge trend for custom doors today, as people want something that is perfectly matching with the design and décor of their home or office. When people building a new home or going to renovate it, they want to invest in highly stylish, durable and sturdy doorways that not only provide for robust security, but also enhance the appeal and look of your dream Sreen doorsabode.

 Modern screen doors custom made around customer’s needs have become a common choice. Though they are commonly used in commercial settings, people are widely using them in homes as well. They are often made with glass and wood and look really attractive. Having these kinds of doors speaks a lot about your personality, status and style quotient. They are a real boon for homeowners, builders, contractors and developers looking for something elegant and stylish.

 There are lots of advantages of installing screen doors in your office. They allow direct sunlight, while reducing the need for electricity. That way, they help you save a lot on your electricity bills every month. Moreover, these custom doors are assist you stop outside noise, which is quite disturbing for employees and workers, as it creates a bit distraction in their work. Made with fire retardant and solid wood, these types of doors are ideal, if you are looking for doors these days.

Screen Doors- Are They Really Safe?

Most of us love enjoying th comforts of an open window or door especially on breezy days. A lot of people enjoy it so much that they install screen doors in their homes, allowing the fresh air to enter their home. Screen doors offer many benefits. They can be customized according to your specifications. They can be fitted with a door lock to strengthen security and protection. They allow you enjoy the fresh air without having to deal with flies and bugs entering your home.

Not all the screen doors are safe enough. If you have got weak doors, they may be easily kicked in by burglars. It is therefore important to be very careful while looking doors made with glass panels. Do not fall immediately go for a screen that is advertised on TV or over the Internet. Always buy doors from a reputed company that assures quality, durability and affordability.

While you choose screen doors, make sure you get them customized as per your needs. Custom doors will not only add to the value and appeal of your home, but they will also help you enhance the ambiance of your space. Always check the material they are made of. Be sure that the piece you are choosing is made with sturdy material. Ensure that there are at least three fixed hinges. Also be sure that the door has a robust lock. If you want to add more to the security, you can also use a solid grill as a measure for home protection. To know more, please visit vintagedoors.com

Wood Interior Doors- Buy Best in Class of Interior Doors for Home

Are you looking for the best interior doors for your home? If so, there are plenty of suppliers and manufacturers to provide you with quality and durable doors available at reduced prices. There are many varieties available, but the most popular pieces of furniture include solid wood doors. These kinds of doors offer many advantages. The key benefit of installing them is aesthetics. They improve the interiors and overall décor of home, while providing robust security from burglars.

Wood interior doors look better than hollow core doors or engineered doors, making them first choice for homes. They are extremely sturdy and can serve you for several years to come. Even more, they are often water proof and weather resistant, which means that they are not susceptible to water damage and sever weather conditions such as storm, noise, rain, dust, etc. They are more energy efficient and provide much more insulation, keeping the room hot and cold as required. Strength and durability of wood doors is another feature that makes them popular.

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